Ways To Keep Automated Bugs Away To Lower Technical Debt Count


Whenever someone comes across bugs in software, he must take some time in fixing those negative issues. They work hard for adding an automated test, which helps in demonstrating the bugs in that particular software. This is primarily defined as main part of test drove development. However, in a general term, you can even call it a time-honored method, which helps in maintaining quality in the current agile development procedure. Experts are always asked to get required help from product developers and managers for fixing bugs, whenever the right time comes, and their help is required the most!

Areas to start from

Changing the current term’s philosophy on ways to manage technical debt is not that easy! Sometimes, a business must be used for cutting the present development time, for attending the market faster. After keeping this point in mind, you have to recap some of the action items for currently taming the present technical debt scenarios. If you get the opportunity to fix the bugs on time, then half of your work remains over. And for the next step, it will hardly take few minutes from your side, to complete the procedure. The services are hard for you to miss!

Educating the product owner and more

For the first step, you might try hard in educating the product owner regarding the true cost of current technical debt. Make it a point to ensure that story points values are meant all accurately for the future stories. These might require resolution of the existing technical debt, over here. Furthermore, you need to modularize the architecture and try taking a firm stance on present technical debt in all-new libraries or components in the said application. As the business and team start to see the agility in all the new components, they will naturally try hard to extend the current practices to other sections of the codes.

Going for automated tests

Most of the people are not aware of this fact but writing automated tests can help you in the end while dealing with technical debts. Well, you can apply this same rule, while looking for best way to pay off credit card debt. Nothing is going to prevent bugs other than the field of automated tests. It might further give rise to a continuous integration service. Whenever any new bug is detected, you have to write a new and original test for reproducing it and fixing the issue. In case, the bug again resurfaces, then the automated test will be able to catch it before the customers get into trouble.

Meant for the software team

You need to be aware of one point. Technical debt is all for the software teams, and others won’t be of much help, during such instances. Nobody tries to avoid it completely, as that can hamper the entire software version. However, the main thing is that, you need to start working and keeping technical debt away from getting out of hand. You need to control it, before the service gets out of control. Experts will be here for your guidance though.

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