Ways You Must Know To Prevent Data Breaches

As more businesses are entering into the cyber world, the cases of data breach and cyber attacks are also shooting up. Cyber criminals these days are targeting even the small online businesses. Hence, it has become important for the business owners to protect their financial data, customers’ data, and other valuable information from the clutches of the cyber criminals. You can get lots of help in these areas by doing ethical hacking course from an established company.

It is true that the solutions to avert data breaches and cyber attacks have become more advanced than before. There are many methods available, but in order to get the best results, you must stick with the best ones. Through this article, we will provide you some information about the most effective ways to prevent data breaches. So, let’s take a look.

How to prevent data breach in an effective way?

  • Change the default passwords

There are many people who do consider changing the default usernames and passwords as an important aspect. They use the same login details which were provided to them. No doubt, the cyber attackers are quite aware of this trend. As a result, it becomes easier for them to break into the online database and accounts. So, if you want to stay away from data breach, this is the first step you need to follow.

  • Don’t stick with the same passwords

Some people have the habit of using more or less the same kind of password over a long period. In fact, some online users do not even change their online account’s passwords for several years! In such cases, it becomes easier for the cyber criminals to get crack your password in just few attempts. There is no dearth of applications that run thousands of potential password combinations in just few seconds. In case you find it difficult to remember several passwords, you can seek the help of password vaults. All you need to do is remember just one password, i.e. the master password.

  • Disable the inactive user accounts

In any office, when an employee leaves, it is important for the IT department of the company to disable his/her user account. Security breach turns out to be easier for the attackers if he/she has inside information. Hence, it is vital to disable each and every IT account of a user once he/she leaves the company.

  • Educate your employees

Employees who work at the POS (point of sale) terminals should be educated more about the processing of payments. It is important to provide complete training to them, which in turn will make them aware of the potential risks involved. It will also help them understand how to present data breach from their computers and mobile devices. For example, it is crucial to teach your employees that it is not a good practice of use a customer’s debit or credit card number over unsecured email.

  • Reliable payment partners

Nowadays, there are multiple payment gateways to choose from. Plus, more and more people nowadays are making use of debit and credit cards to make payment online. In order to protect the debit or credit cards details of the customers, it is important to rely on the reputed payment partners. You should go with the payment processor which provides assurance of PCI compliance. Such payment processors are quite secure, which in turn lowers down the risk of data breach.

  • Look at the big picture

It means that apart from securing your customers’ payment data, there are other aspects too you need to care about. Cyber criminals can attack from other sources too. For example, cloud-based servers and emails are some of easy entryways for the cyber thieves. Hence, it is vital for you to get ample amount of protection for such areas. Regular monitoring is helpful in detecting any kind of data breach attempt being made.

  • Backup your files smartly

When it comes to keeping a backup of your files, it is always better to have more than one location. Nowadays, there is no shortage of affordable cloud storage service providers. But, before you choose a service provider, you must make few things clear. For example, you must ask the service provider about the kind of protection they provide to the data of their clients; also, you must ask about who is authorized to get access to the data.

Likewise, you must also ask about what happens once the agreement comes to an end. Once you have sorted a reliable cloud storage service provider, purchase their service and keep a backup of your data. In addition, you should also maintain a backup in the USD drives, external HDD, etc.

So, those were some of the methods to prevent data breach. You can also opt for hacking course, which will make you smarter and more knowledgeable in this field. As a result, you will be able to protect your data in a much better way.

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