Web Design and Creation of Blogs as Idea to Make Money


In the digital age we know that every business needs a website or blog. Web design and open blogging business gives opportunities for enterprising young people involved in this business.

If you are somehow involved with web development and management of blogs maybe you can take the time to provide this service to individuals and businesses that need it in order to earn extra money that can be used in the future to finance your own business idea.

This business is ideal for young people who are engaged in writing on their blogs and even they are not making big money with Google Adsense or other advertising companies.

Many companies require these web services but it turns out that many times companies engaged in this business charge thousands of dollars, which are worth while not everyone is willing to pay that much money.

For this reason, some companies look for people who can meet their needs at an affordable price but this is not necessarily a professional.

As for blogging, we all know that there are free services such as Blogger and WordPress but is that not everyone has time to create blogs and manage so many companies are willing to pay a reasonable price to persons who are engaged in this business.

Who could be your customers?

  • Small Business
  • Pharmacies
  • Restaurants
  • Stores

What services can you offer?

  • Creating and managing a blog
  • Design
  • SEO Optimization
  • Blog Structure
  • Platform types
  • Blogger
  • WordPress (Free)
  • WordPress (Self Hosting)
  • Jomla
  • Creating a website
  • Static HTML page
  • Creating a sales shop products online
  • Creating a forum or social network
  • Creating and managing social network profiles
  • Depending on what businesses need services they can offer and the price suitable for it.

How much money do you charge?

This is a difficult question. There are many variables to take into account, for example:

  • The think that is an hour of work
  • When you think you take time to do the job
  • Costs
  • The standard market price

To answer the question of “How much to charge?” turns out that there is no concrete answer. Each person decides how much to charge.

If you already have a customer, if you know that is what you are asked to do and the only thing you need is to give a price.

Have you ever been hired to create a blog or website? If your answer is yes leave your comment and tell as you charged for that project.

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