What Year Was the Internet Invented

Internet has become an important part of life. One just can't predict today's life with the virtual world of web. Whether it's about the business work, study or anything else, Internet is what comes into play. Internet has converted this world into a global village in the real sense. The social networking sites and instant messaging applications have become the best way of communication. Indeed we are so lucky that we are living in the world in which Internet is there to serve us all. Do you have the knowledge that how many years have it been the Internet serving us?

This is the problem with today's youth that they just want to use the facilities, but don't bother about knowing history of any particular facility/service. Same is the case with Internet. A huge portion of world's population uses it daily, but a very few of them know about the year of origin of Internet. In fact, this is due to the poor education system that most of people don't come out of the books. They only know the things that are written in book. If you are also one of them, and are looking desperately about 'what year was the Internet invented', then let me tell you that you have landed on the right page. This article will give you satisfactory answer of the question 'what year was the Internet invented'.

What Year Was the Internet Invented ?

The creation of Internet started from as early as 1950s. The world came to know about the Internet by an announcement from 1969: Arpanet. It was the first ever network to run on the Pocket Switching technology. Computers at Stanford and UCLA were connected for the very first time on October 29, 1969. This was origin of the Internet. These hosts were the first that could be called as Internet later on.

After connecting the computers for very first time, the message that was sent at first was '"Login". The message did not go properly, as there was trash after the letter 'G'. But the successful delivery of few letters was more than enough for the first time. It was success, was the fruit of hard work of many years.

The inception of Unix, which was influenced of Linux and FreeBSD, was the major milestone that was achieved in the 60's. These are the operating systems that are most popular in today's web hosting services.

The successful delivery of first message took the courage of people working for it, to a high level. Long way was ahead, and no one was ready to stop and to look back. After two years, yeah after that year which is answer of 'what Year Was the Internet Invented', email service was found. This was indeed a big success.

The chain of successes keep going on, and the Internet kept on getting reformed. It took a long time for Internet to come from its original shape to today's shape.

So, I hope if any person asks you the question 'what Year Was the Internet Invented', then you can answer it, and can explain the answer as well!

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