Whatsapp Instant Messaging Service Completely Free

WhatsApp is a free application in Android Market that lets you send instant messages through a wireless network or data. All the SMS sent to any of our contacts can be history thanks to this App.

It consists of most of the characteristic with instant messaging services that syncs directly with our address book, from the moment we install and we are ready to send messages to any of our friends and family. No needs to look for them, but it will itself find the WhatsApp from phone numbers.

Moreover, if we want to send the same message to more than one recipient, with this application we can also do it, as it allows open group discussions. All this can be done without mentioning that you can also attach and send files of all types through the WhatsApp messages.

So if you do not want to lose touch with your friends, get this app in Android Market.

Most modern Smartphones are by default, with the Android operating system from Google installed, except a few brands that have their own OS as BlackBerry and its BlackBerry OS, this as brand popular, are a minority.

WhatsApp? Available for Android? Obviously yes, most developers of applications first choose to create their software for Android that is where more downloads and users can get, so that almost all the applications you see on a Smartphone will also be available on Google Play, market of Android applications.

To use Whatsapp you must follow these steps for your operating system:

  1. From your phone, run the application "Google Play"
  2. Use the search engine and enter "WhatsApp Messenger"
  3. Click Install
  4. Wait the end of the download of WhatsApp and then install automatically, without you having to do a procedure
  5. Icon Run WhatsApp on desktop of your Smartphone / tablet or from the download folder

After completion of the download, the application will be installed automatically.

Configure your account Whatsapp

You have Whatsapp installed on your Android terminal. To run it click on its icon in the 'Applications'.

Being the first time you use this program, you have set up your account. To do this enters your phone number and a name.

Done from here you can already use WhatsApp on your 'Smartphone'.

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