When Were Mobile Phones Invented

In this modern life, we are that much addicted to use of gadgets that life would become hell without them. Almost every person is addicted to gadgets and wishes to buy every new gadget hitting the market. Talking about the gadgets, the smartphone marketplace has been getting treated with new amazing smartphones from past few years. The revolution in the mobiles' field has been marvelous, and it is still going on. Experts suggest that if the revolution in the mobiles' field keep going in this way, then mobiles will soon replace the PCs. The popularity or say need of mobile phones is quite clear from the fact that there are hundreds of thousands of people who own more than one mobile phone. Well, you guys use mobile daily, use it do many oyof daily tasks, use it to stay in touch with your friends, but do you even know that when were mobile phones invented? I bet that most of you don't know at all, and believe me, this is indeed very bad part of yours. You are so-called educated person without having knowledge about the things that you use. You can't be blamed for this, as it is all due to poor education system.

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It's OK that you don't know about when were mobile phones invented, but I hope you know that who invented them. No? Shame, again! Internet is an open world that you use daily to find the entertainment stuff. Why don't you use it for educational purposes? Oh! So you searched about the question ''when were mobile phones invented' but could not get satisfactory answer? So looking desperately to know about the 'when were mobile phones invented'? You'll be pleased to know that you are on the right page to get satisfactory answer to the question in hand. Just read out the following section.

When Were Mobile Phones Invented

Let's don't make this question further complex and answer it here. The answer to question 'when were mobile phones invented' is year 1973. It was Dr. Martin Cooper who invented the mobile phone and made the first ever call on April 3, 1973. The mobile phone's invention was the fruit of hard work of several continuous years. The journey was tough like a hell, but Dr. Cooper made it happen. He made first call to his rival at AT&T labs.

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The mobile phones were made available to public in 1983. It was the year when people started getting in touch with each other wielessly. It was a dream that came true, a dream that could change the entire human creature. Yeah, it has happened so, and the results are what we can observe ourselves.

Since the launch of mobile phone in year 1973, there has been great revolution in this field. Dr. Cooper said that there would be one day when mobile phone will be necessity of life. The proof is the 'current time' in which the mobile phone is indeed a big necessity.

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