Why use EzNetScan for Android

EzNetScan for Android

There are many Android applications which have both remote connection management and feature packed network. Wifinspect had one of the best features. All the Android tools do not have the support for software information and in depth hardware. They may not have SNMP enabled which connects to the network present in home. This is where ezNetScan For Android is running ahead of other Android tools existing in the market. This application provides the user with detailed information about the WiFi network that one is connected to. It also informs about the other devices which are associated with the network connection.

Features of EzNetScan

This app is completely free and no application charges are required. This is mainly a tab optimized app. It is helpful for giving both WiFi network details and inform about the connected devices in a number of ways. For example if a ping request is sent to the request device to external IP network or scan active TCP port it helps in tracing the network routes. It also sends request to Wake on LAN and boost up the performance of DNS lookup. It allows the user to share information regarding the network to the device vendor or close ones. The most important fact about EzNetScan for Android is that one must use the application’s SNMP support for reading the both software and hardware details related to the required devices.

Launching the application

Each time the application is launched it detects the connected WiFi network automatically. This helps in displaying all the necessary information required. The information is displayed on the home screen of the computer. This connection is important for viewing several connections such as IP address, BSSID, external IP, Gateway IP, link speed, MAC address, DHCP and DNS servers. There are several tools present on the home screen such as pining tool, external IP scanning tool, DNS Lookup tool, trace route tool and TCP service scanner tool. These tools are required if the user wants to input manually the IP address or host name then the relevant actions are performed.  One is free from the tension of feeding manual details on similar devices connected to the network. This could be done by tapping the scan button at the bottom and wait for the scan to get complete. After this one could select the required device from the scan list.  All necessary information could be viewed alongside the scanned device. Since they are automatically cached they can be viewed offline also. Therefore EzNetScan for Androids is a very useful tool.

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