Why was the cell phone invented

It's not any doubtful fact that Science has made our life comfortable. We can do many things while sitting at home. We can enjoy the beautiful scenes while at home, can communicate with our friends living worldwide. If we compare ours lives with those of our forefathers, then only we can come to know that how lucky we are to have these modern facilities in our lives.

If we talk about the blessings of Science, then Cell Phone is what comes at the top of the list. Life without cell phone is near to hell. We can't even imagine life without Cell Phone. It does not matter what your age is, which profession you are up to; you all need cell phone.

In today's life, if one person does not own a cell phone, then he/she is treated as illiterate. The popularity and need of cell phone in today's life is quite clear from the fact that most of people own more than one cell phone. The increasing competition between the cell phone has resulted in the drop of price tag, making it affordable for everyone.

Anyways, since cell phone is a highly important part of today's life, therefore the chances are quite high that you won a cell phone. Oh! So you use it many times a day? Good to know that! Well, can you please tell me why was the cell phone invented? I want satisfactory answer from you? Oh! So you don't know about it. I literally already knew it that you will remain silent on this question.

It's very sad that you use cell phone daily, but don't even know about its inventor. You don't even know why was the cell phone invented. Anyways, the past is past, nothing will be output by feeling sorry for it. Better you take some time now and search on the web about 'why was the cell phone invented'. I know you guys are too lazy to do so. Therefore, I have done the research part for you, and am here with the answer to the question 'why was the cell phone invented'.

Why was the cell phone invented?

You might know that cell phone was invented on April 3,1973. It was invented by  Martin Cooper. Cooper was the first person to make cell phone call. The cell phone just completes its 40th year.

Martin Cooper was not pleased with the ways of communication of his time. He wanted to bring revolution in this field by providing a great way of communication. His continuous hard work resulted in the make of cell phone. In an interview, Martin Cooper said that at the time of invention, he knew it very well that one day, cell phone would be necessity of life. And yeah, his prediction has gone right. Cell Phone is indeed a necessity of today's life.

As per an answer left by anonymous at Yahoo! Answers, the cell phone was invented because the military was having problem in communication with each other. Cell Phone solved that problem.

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