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Gaming consoles are no longer any ‘extra’ gadgets. They have become necessary just like smartphone or tablet. Reason? Well, growing craze for gaming is the main reason behind it. Talking about the gaming consoles, one just can’t forget mentioning Wii. Not only the user base is huge, but the developer base for this gaming console is also very huge. There are many developers who have developed superb games for Wii. If you are looking for the incredible Wii games free download, then you are on the right page. I am here with the list of best of the same.

Super Mario Galaxy 2

Super Mario Galaxy 2

With most no. of users and positive reviews, this game is most deserving for the first spot in this list of Wii games free download. The graphics are good, as is observed in most of free download games for Wii. This one has won the hearts of all gaming fans, and will do yours from your first play itself. This game is an adventure one, and is full of fun. You can have good time while playing this game on your Wii. Out of all free download games, this game is the one that you must not miss.

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Super Smash Bros. Brawl

The next one in this list of best Wii games free download is, Mario again, but a different version this time. The best thing about this game is that it has gotĀ Nintendo heroes in it. It does not matter which hero is your favorite, you’ll probably find him/her in this game, and can play the game by using him/her as central character. I have played this game myself, and found it really amazing. Yeah, it’s well deserving game for this spot in this list of free games download.

Metroid Prime Trilogy

If you are among those who love to play high-end graphical games, then this one is meant for you. This game, being here at no.4 in this list of Wii games free download, is a superb one. Just talk with any of your friend who has played it, you will come to know about the fun that this app can bring to you. All popular game websites have listed this game among the best Wii games of all time. If you want to proceed with free games download, then you should not miss this one.

Donkey Kong Country ReturnsĀ 

In the process of free games download, you should next consider the Donkey Kong. This game is yet another superb game available for Wii. Yeah, it proudly stands in the list of Wii games free download. Amazing gameplay is the reason why this game is loved by many.

Super Mario Galaxy

The last one in this list of Wii games free download is ‘Super Mario Galaxy’. Like the above ones, this one is also quite popular and addictive.

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