Working With JIRA Software For Fixing Bugs In Technical Debt

The power of custom fields is somewhat important when you are talking about JIRA software and technical debt. It might be difficult for the generalists to understand about it, but for the experts, it is not. These customized fields are used for allowing the development team for tracking data points, specified by the current program. These are critical for you to understand and even resolve some of the issues. If the reporter is not associated with the development team, then it becomes hard for them to solve the data related problems easily. They will not be able to understand anything about the development environments, the product and anything about the data points, which are to be fixed for any particular bug.

Explaining the points through notes

In some of the chosen software, administrators have the right to offer explanatory texts to the custom field. For that, they are asked to create a page in Confluence. The main aim of confluence page is to explain everything about each one of the fields and ways to collect data inside of the product. The build number is said to be the relevant data point, for a maximum number of the team around here. You will get an explanation on the areas, from where you can procure information on the build number.

Time for the next steps

After you are through with the explanation areas, a link is said to be established in that particular section of the said document from the customized field development of the JIRA software. In case, the user does not understand anything about the ways to get build number; then you might simply click on the link and procure some step by step instructions on the same. That will help in offering you with the right services, meant for your help over here.

Encouraging some of the explanatory screenshots

If it gets quite difficult to explain the current situation of bug fixing in words, then you are always encouraged to present explanatory screenshots. Adding a particular type of screenshot will help you in clarifying the objectives well. You might even get the chance to add some attachments to some issues in the current JIRA software. This procedure might seem difficult, but in reality, it is not. You can always log online to learn more about the major steps, over here.

Integrating with the REST API

Some of the development teams can easily go further by just integrating with the REST API of the JIRA software. There are sometimes when users are not able to get some critical or detailed information out of the application. It is during such times when you are asked to empower the application and force it to communicate with the present JIRA software. That can be done by creating some new issues and even trying to enhance data of the present issues. For some detailed help, let the experts be your guide for the day!

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